The Squishy Circuits Hardware Kit is the most convenient way to start with Squishy Circuits. Although many different components will work with Squishy Circuits, we have chosen components that are sure to work, and then we conveniently pack and ship them to your doorstep. We have already added wires and terminals as recommended by the Squishy Circuits program. If you bought your components from any other company you would have to do this. Check out a review by Toys are Tools about the Squishy Circuits Kit!


Every kit includes: 
1 - Recipe Card
1 - Motor
1 - Piezoelectric Buzzer
1 - Mechanical Buzzer
1 - 4 AA Battery Pack (batteries not included)
25 - LEDs in Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue

Click for full size images:BoxComponentsKit
Also available from:
Maker Shed
Science Buddies



It is important to note that there are small parts in this kit and adult supervision is required. Also, because the conductive dough is extremely salty, the components and terminals will corrode over time. I suggest cleaning them with a damp cloth after playing with your Squishy Circuits to promote longevity.


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