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ContactUsMy name is Matthew Schmidtbauer and I am an electrical design engineer and graduate of the University of St. Thomas. During my time at St. Thomas, I was a part of the Squishy Circuits program and can be found on several videos and have written several how-to guides on the St. Thomas Squishy Circuits site. I also spent a summer researching the electrical resistivity of the doughs with the program. After helping to host several Squishy Circuits seminars at various venues, it came to my attention that people wanted a kit with all of the hardware needed for Squishy Circuits so that they could easily do them at home. 

I would have loved this kit and program as a child. I was always tinkering with electronics and learned by playing. My goal with the Squishy Circuits Kit is to support this type of learning and allow children to experience electronics in a different, hands-on, approach. I believe most of my success, as a student and in my career, has greatly been a result of this learning style, but just as importantly, the support my parents gave me. Therefore, for the parents, I encourage you to encourage your children to help them learn by inventing and playing. For the students, I ask that you always foster a sense of wonder.

I welcome any contact from you. Whether it is site or product feedback, Squishy Circuits support, or even to show off your Squishy Circuit Creations! In fact, if you would like to do the latter, I suggest joining the Squishy Circuits Facebook Community online by clicking here.

Thank You -
Matthew Schmidtbauer

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